31 Places Bookworms Would Rather Be Right Now

    Every reader's dream.

    1. Roaming the halls of the gorgeous Wiblingen Abbey library near Ulm, Germany.

    2. Sleeping on this book bed.

    3. Taking a relaxing bubble bath while reading a book.

    4. Escaping reality with this Harry Potter-esque building.

    5. Hanging out on this couch with bookcase wallpaper.

    6. Taking a book break on this net.

    7. Relaxing outdoors with a fun memoir.

    8. Sliding down this amazing bookcase.

    9. Cozying up in this corner.

    10. Reading in this nook.

    11. Or this one.

    12. Smelling the pages of old books in the Abbey Library in Admont, Austria.

    13. Hanging out by the window.

    14. Sitting outside in an outdoor nook.

    15. Reading a childhood classic in this cozy space.

    16. Climbing the book shelf ladders at the Austrian National Library in Vienna, Austria.

    17. Dreaming about fantasy worlds in this cute area.

    18. Laying on this bed of pillows with a novel and a cup of coffee.

    19. Sitting in this amazing hammock with a good mystery read.

    20. Or laying in this indoor hammock with a magazine.

    21. Or this one.

    22. Taking a walk through the Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial.

    23. Hanging out in this bird nest with a fun coming-of-age novel.

    24. Reading a heart-wrenching romance novel in this beautiful nook.

    25. Enjoying a fun beach read with this killer view.

    26. Browsing all the books at the Library of Parliament in Ottawa, Canada.

    27. Cozying up in this hidden nook under the staircase.

    28. Reading on this hammock attached to a dock.

    29. Or on this one near a pond.

    30. Taking in the sight of this incredible bookworm's dream.

    31. And hanging by the ocean with a book you can't put down.

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