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Here's What The New "Filled Cupcake" Oreo Flavor Tastes Like

They literally just launched the Cinnamon Bun flavor two weeks ago. Everything OK over there, Oreo?

Unless you've been living under a rock, it's pretty common knowledge that Oreo is always launching some insane new flavor, like Red Velvet or Pumpkin Spice.

Sarah Kobos / BuzzFeed

Red Velvet Oreos

Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed

Pumpkin Spice Oreos

Well, this morning they invited me to a press preview of another new flavor inside the "Wonder Vault," a literal hole in the wall where you pull a lever and a package of Oreos is delivered to you.

Arielle Calderon / BuzzFeed


At first I thought it would be something like chocolate mousse or chocolate cheesecake.

Arielle Calderon / BuzzFeed

But it turns out that the new flavor is "Filled Cupcake." They are chocolate with a hint of creme in the middle.

Arielle Calderon / BuzzFeed

And they basically just taste like sugar. I mean, if you like cookies and cupcakes, you'll probably enjoy them.

Arielle Calderon / BuzzFeed

Anyway, these will be available in stores beginning Feb. 8.


And if you're in New York City, you can go claim your free pack of Filled Cupcake Oreos until 6 p.m today (Feb. 2). It's on 18th Street between 7th and 8th avenues.

Paul Zimmerman / Getty Images
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