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    18 Things In The "Mean Girls" Musical That Aren't From The Movie

    Spoilers ahead! Don't put us in your Burn Book if you read something you don't want to.

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    1. The cafeteria cliques are a little different. The new tables are: Debate Team, Dance Team, Rich Stoners, Gangsta Whites, Woke Seniors, Peaking-Too-Soon, Strivers and Survivors, Junior Believers, Christian Believers, Wallflowers, and Fending Off Skeevers.

    Mean Girls on Broadway / Via Facebook: MeanGirlsBway

    They still have the Sexually Active Band Geeks, JV Jocks, and "The Worst" aka the Plastics.

    2. Karen in general is much more of a ~shining star~. She has seriously hilarious lines (that are also underlined with some sad truths of today).

    Mean Girls on Broadway / Via Facebook: MeanGirlsBway

    There's a song called "Stop" and Karen sings about sending nude pics and not cropping her head out and a guy sharing them with all his friends.

    Karen: Now I only get naked with people in person! Also someone should teach boys not to do that in the first place.

    3. There's still a part about "explaining Regina George," but no $10,000 commercials in Japan or punching in the face.

    Mean Girls on Broadway / Via Facebook: MeanGirlsBway

    Caitlyn Caussin: Regina George saved my life once! 'Cause one time at Wiener Circle, she saw that I was choking, and she told me to stop choking. And I did!

    Rachel Hamilton: Regina George is considered the prettiest girl in school. And I’m like, okay white people.

    4. Aaron Samuels is also in the Burn Book, and it's because he actually lives in another school district and is secretly attending North Shore.

    Mean Girls on Broadway

    Also can confirm his hair still looks sexy pushed back.

    5. Obviously there are a lot of jokes about social media, apps, and the internet...

    Mean Girls on Broadway

    Mrs. George: I'm not a "regular mom," I'm @coolmom! "@coolmom," 2,300 followers. Followback. Likesforlikes.

    6. ...and updated references that make more sense in ~2018~.

    Mean Girls on Broadway / Via Facebook: MeanGirlsBway

    Gretchen: Sometimes I feel like an iPhone without a case. Like, I know I'm worth a lot, and I have a lot of good functions, but at any time I could just shatter.

    Same, Gretchen. Same.

    7. There's an entire song about sexy Halloween costumes, but this time, Karen doesn't kiss her first cousin.

    Mean Girls on Broadway / Via Facebook: MeanGirlsBway

    She instead sings about curing sexy cancer, saying, "That's not right, is it?"

    8. Shane Oman and Regina do not get caught in the projection room above the auditorium — they fuck in a lion suit.

    Mean Girls on Broadway / Via Facebook: MeanGirlsBway

    We can't make this shit up.

    9. The Janis pool party thing still happens, but instead of just calling her a lesbian, Regina calls her a "space dyke."

    Mean Girls on Broadway

    The story is a little different and kind of weird, but we'll just go with it.

    10. There's still a Winter Talent Show, but the Plastics perform "Rockin' Around the Pole" instead of "Jingle Bell Rock."

    Mean Girls on Broadway / Via Facebook: MeanGirlsBway

    And tragically Amy Poehler wasn't in the aisle of the orchestra seats dancing along. Not grool.

    11. And Kevin G raps, but not the same iconic rap we all know from the movie.

    Mean Girls on Broadway / Via Facebook: MeanGirlsBway

    Kevin G: Awwwwwwww... Don't bring me no little-ass white girl booty!

    Yeah, that's pretty much all of it lol.

    12. The entire show is laced with internet culture in both good and bad ways.

    Mean Girls on Broadway / Via Facebook: MeanGirlsBway

    Featuring everything from memes to Instagram references.

    Damian: Caddy, I did a paper on this! Our prefrontal cortex isn't fully formed until we're 25. It's why we're not allowed to rent cars! 'Cause we will wreck them just to make a cool Boomerang.

    13. Instead of borrowing a car, Damian borrows his grandmother's jazzy (motorized scooter).

    Mean Girls on Broadway / Via Facebook: MeanGirlsBway


    14. Yes, there are Trump references.

    Mean Girls on Broadway

    Regina: That’s what I keep trying to explain to the President on Twitter but he blocked me. Hahahahha. Love ya!

    And when Cady accuses Damian of tampering with the election and nominating her for Spring Fling Queen, Janis blames the Russians.

    15. And other political references. Tina Fey wrote the book, people!

    Mean Girls on Broadway / Via Facebook: MeanGirlsBway

    Ms. Norbury: And we have to stop beating each other up over every little thing, 'cause meanwhile, men are running around grabbing butts and shooting everybody.

    16. For some reason, Regina calls herself a "Fugly Cow" instead of a "Fugly Slut."

    Mean Girls on Broadway

    We thought maybe it was to stop slut-shaming, but they called someone else a slut, like, three minutes later.

    17. "Fetch" is still a thing, but so is "Schquillz."

    Mean Girls on Broadway

    Kevin G: "It's a cool new way of saying 'skills.'"

    Marwan Jitla: "Kev, stop trying to make 'schquillz' happen. It's not gonna happen."

    18. And last but not least, Regina actually imparts some important wisdom.

    Mean Girls on Broadway

    Regina: Don't apologize for things that aren't your fault. And never apologize for being a boss.

    In conclusion: the musical version of Mean Girls is truly fetch, and it's officially open on Broadway now. You can buy tickets here, enter the digital lottery here, and pre-order the cast recording here.

    Mean Girls on Broadway / Via Facebook: MeanGirlsBway

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