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21 Questions With Marina And The Diamonds

We learned everything about Marina, from her most embarrassing moment onstage to her first screen name.

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If you haven't heard of Welsh singer Marina Diamandis, stage name "Marina and the Diamonds," you need to get on your computer and download her music immediately. Her mix of indie and electropop hits such as "I Am Not A Robot" and "Primadonna" will make you want to dance, sing, and maybe even run the block (her music is a perfect gym remix, tbh). Now with the release of her new album Froot, this talented queen graced BuzzFeed New York with her presence to chat about her music, her hometown, and even her first screen name.

1. What's your most memorable moment onstage?

Marina Diamandis: There were lots of good ones; it's hard to think of a specific one. There was a memorable bad one where it was a really big London show and I was wearing this catsuit and it ripped all up the groin! And then my installation cut out; it was a huge LCD screen and all the images just wiped out and you could just see a mouse cursor on the screen. There were like 3,000 people there!

Oh man, what did you do?

MD: I think I pretended it wasn't happening. The mouse cursor lasted like, a full 10 minutes. (laughs)

2. Do you have any preshow rituals?

MD: Not really, just kind of regular stuff like warming up my voice for half an hour.

3. What do you typically do when you forget the lyrics on stage?

MD: Laugh! No, I go (holds out mic to audience) like, over to you fans!

4. What TV shows do you like?

MD: I like The Killing, Homeland, Breaking Bad, and Goggle Box. It's incredible.

5. Who or what put the pain in Shampain?

MD: The alcohol, the delicious bubbles.

6. If you're not a robot, what are you?

MD: I am a human!

7. What's your favorite shops?

MD: I love going on eBay and sporting secondhand stuff and vintage stuff. I love a bargain! I almost feel cheated if I have to pay full price. Most of my stuff is vintage or Topshop.


8. Where is your favorite place to visit?

MD: I love going back to Greece, the islands.

9. What's your favorite hair color to have?

MD: Brunette, for sure.

10. What is the secret to such great brows?

MD: Aww, shit loads of eyeliner!

11. What's your favorite place to live?

MD: I love living in London, actually. That's my number one.

12. What's your favorite thing about your hometown?

MD: It's very, very beautiful. It's got a lovely river. And people actually talk to you; like in London or New York, everyone is completely in their own universe. But at home, people look you in the eye there, like, "Hello, how are you?"

Do you go back often?

MD: Once every two months, so pretty regularly.

13. Do you remember when and where you were when you decided to become Marina and the Diamonds?

MD: I was in a house in Camden, near London, and coincidentally I was living with, like, seven lesbians. That's really weird! Such a coincidence. And they all just knew each other and invited them to come live with us, and it's just me on the bottom floor, like, cool cool. But yeah, that was the time I decided and chose the name. I was 20.

14. Have you ever seen a drag queen make a tribute to you?

MD: Yes! Not in the flesh, but with "Primadonna," kind of like drag queens of New York did stuff and I was a bit shocked, it was amazing!

15. If you could have a drag queen name, what would it be?

MD: That was Electra Heart, so!

16. What's your favorite song to perform live?

MD: "Froot" has proven to be very fun but I haven't toured this album yet. Apart from new stuff, I really like "Bubblegum Bitch."

17. What's the first song you sang that fans started singing back to you at a concert?

MD: Probably "Hollywood" from the first album.

18. What's your go-to karaoke song?

MD: I hate karaoke! It makes me so nervous! It's like someone saying, "Get up, do your job, but don't be serious about it or sing properly." It gives me the fear of god. I'm actually feeling anxious right now!

Have you ever witnessed anyone trying to karaoke one of your songs?

MD: No, don't think so. That would be really weird.

19. Do you have a personal life motto?

MD: We just got real deep, really quickly. Just a simple one, but being kind to other people because hopefully they'll be kind back to you.

20. Do you remember your first screen name?

MD: Oh, that's such a good one! That's an incredible question! I was on AOL at the time you guys, and it was "twinstars."

21. If you could have an entrance theme song everywhere you go, what would it be?

MD: Ooooh, all the tough questions. Probably "Baby One More Time." Who wouldn't want that?!

You can download Marina and the Diamonds' new album Froot now!

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