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Luna Lovegood And James Potter Might Be Dating In Real Life

No, it's not Amortentia. It's (hopefully) ~true love~.

This is Luna Lovegood, whimsical Ravenclaw and badass witch.

Warner Bros.

And this is young James Potter, as seen in Order of the Phoenix.

Warner Bros.

Though the two aren't really linked on screen, real-life actors Evanna Lynch and Robbie Jarvis are!

👸 👱 ⚡️ 💜 💛

We can't ~confirm~ for sure, but their Instagrams seem to say it all.

Here's a good luck card Evanna made for Robbie back in February.

Here's Robbie, snuggling with Evanna's cat (a true sign of trust). #LilPuff

And here's the cat with Mugwiffin, the "newest member of the family."

Sometimes Evanna and Robbie hang out with Hello Kitty because Crookshanks is not available in life-size form.

The magical couple even makes trips to the holy land, otherwise known as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

They're silly and cute and pose with crazy hats because THEY ARE TOO ADORABLE NOT TO.

They even dress alike, like wearing backward hats.

Or cozying up in hoodies.

Basically this spellbinding couple is the most beautiful thing us Potterheads have ever seen.

Stay cute, kids. xo


Arielle Calderon / BuzzFeed
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