17 Instagram Struggles That Are All Too Real

    Link in bio! You know, since links will never work in captions, apparently.

    1. Not. Being. Able. To. Click. A. Link. In. A. Caption.

    I can’t believe it’s 2019 & we still can’t add a link to the caption yet on Instagram smh I’m so tired of always writing “link in bio”. We are better than this America.

    I don't want to click the link in bio!

    2. And also not being able to copy and paste it.

    3. When you try to shrink the text on a story and the whole image moves instead — after you've already perfected most of it.

    tryna make the writing smaller on insta story and the whole picture moves and shrinks instead makes me want to smash my phone off a WALLLLL

    4. Not being able to view images in reverse chronological order.

    5. Just the whole dang algorithm.

    Me: I feel like I’m putting out my best work Instagram algorithm:

    6. When a story looks like this:

    WILL I WATCH YOUR INSTAGRAM STORY? A FRIENDLY GUIDE yes: ______ ______ ______ lol no: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


    7. When you're trying to stalk someone before a date to make sure they're not a serial killer and it turns out they're private.

    8. When someone DMs you a meme but you can't see it because this huge account with 3 million followers made its account private.

    I just don’t have the heart to tell my sister I physically/mentally can’t follow a private Instagram meme account.....

    Apparently it's a method to get more followers because, in theory, you'll be ~intrigued~ and want to see the content your friend is trying to share. *BIGGEST SIGH*

    9. When there's an Instagram sweepstakes and someone tags you so they can be submitted for entry.

    10. When you try to tag someone in a story but aren't sure what the handle is, so you have to exit, search for them, and start all over.

    11. Influencers who post a super irrelevant caption to their photo choice and it's just like, "Sorry, what???"

    12. When an influencer posts a product in their story, but doesn't link it.

    13. Not having the swipe-up function in stories unless you have 10K followers (or if you're verified).

    14. When you want to make a caption with line breaks and Instagram is just like, "Yeah, no, nice try."

    Okay, but my question is: Why does @instagram hate line breaks in photo captions?

    15. Creepy men hitting up comments like...

    1989: what if the Joker was a mobster 2008: what if the Joker was a nihilist 2016: what if the Joker was a punk 2019: what if the Joker was that guy in your office who comments “Beautiful😍” on all your Instagram posts

    16. "Swipe up you guys."

    17. And of course, when you're stalking an ex and accidentally heart a photo and there's nothing you can do about it.