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    There's A Unicorn-Themed Inflatable Water Park In Asia And It Looks Magical

    The Inflatable Island is in the Philippines and it's magical AF.

    Have you ever just wished you could play in a unicorn-themed inflatable water park?

    Probably not, but OMG you'll want to now!

    Inflatable Island is located in the Philippines and it's just as much fun for adults as it is for kids.

    It has a Bali Lounge that is colorful and fun and just so picturesque. 💖

    Unicorn Island (a section of the park) has a rainbow walk, a seaunicorn, and a gigantic magical horse named Baba.

    Inflatable Island

    It's literally what Instagram dreams are made of.

    Inflatable Island

    Check out Inflatable Island's website for more info!

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