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27 Times The "Hamilton" Fandom Had Jokes

This is the post where it happens.

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1. This brilliant Hamilton/Law & Order mashup:

2. This "guaranteed-to-work" pickup line:

3. A brief summary of Hamilton:

4. This completely normal question:

5. This inspirational moment:

6. This accurate tweet:

when u watching ur parents fight and u know ur mom is wrong but she on one so u stay quiet @DaveedDiggs @Lin_Manuel

7. This true af disbelief:

8. A prediction of Rannells' time as King George:

9. This very real, original portrait of General Charles Lee:

10. ~Hamilton and chill~

Fifteen minutes into Hamilton and Chill and he gives you this look @Lin_Manuel

11. This debate battle:

12. This friend who does what is necessary:

13. And this one, who got in too deep:

14. This Top 3 list:

'who are your top 3 rappers?' normal people: tupac, biggie, jayz me, george washington, alexander hamilton, thomas jefferson

15. This Snapchat series:

16. The difference between high school and college:

17. This "Non-Stop" photoshop:

alexander hamilton began to climb

18. This rendition of "Stay Alive":

19. This blunt response to Peggy:

20. The real meaning behind this gossip magazine:

21. This unexpected reading:

22. This recap:

23. This Cards Against Humanity pairing:

24. This inner monologue:

25. ~Gym talk~

Me working out with personal trainer: *does a lunge* So, Burr and Hamilton are rivals *lunge* but it’s more nuanced than that *lunge*

26. This:

27. And of course, this quick summary:

We have the honor to be, your obedient servants.

— A. Cal

— A. Ed

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