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    The First Semester Of College Vs. The Last Semester Of College

    It's a different world.

    First semester: Walking into college all dressed up like...

    Dior /

    Last semester: DGAF.

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    First semester: Buying a million books for your classes.

    Warner Bros.

    Last semester: Doing literally everything you can to NOT pay that bullshit amount of money for a book.

    The Weinstein Company

    First semester: Adding members to your squad every time you meet a new person.

    Big Machine Records / Via

    Last semester: "Wow, it's been a while. We should get coffee sometime!"


    Note: You will never get coffee. Let's stop this lie.

    First semester: Making a solid effort to get your fitness on.


    Last semester: Nope.

    First semester: Walking to class from your dorm.

    Warner Bros.

    Last semester: Fight to the death, by any means necessary, to get a parking spot so you can actually make it to class.

    I used to drive people to their cars to take their spot, AMA.

    First semester: Using your loan money for books and tuition.

    BBC / Via

    Last semester: Realizing you've racked up thousands in loan debt from spending your money on booze, rent, clothes, food, and everything else non-school related.

    Dreamworks / Via

    First semester: Studying constantly for your exams.

    Fox / Via

    Last semester: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    First semester: Trying new things for the first time.


    Last semester: Doing things for the last time.

    TBS /

    RIP football student section.

    First semester: Drink the cheapest, shittiest beer you can find.

    Last semester: Class it up.

    Comedy Central / Via

    First semester: Going out as much as you can.

    Columbia Pictures

    Last semester: Going out to chill 21+ bars.


    First semester: Worried about passing an exam.

    Warner Bros.

    Last semester: Worried about getting a job.


    First semester: Into serial dating.


    Last semester: Not so much.


    First semester: No idea what you're doing with your life.


    Last semester: No idea what you're doing with your life.


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