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    I Learned How To Do My Own Gel Nails While In Quarantine (And It's Legit Easy)

    Social distancing is saving my wallet, TBH. 💅

    While in quarantine, what else is there to do besides learn something new? Might as well take advantage of the time.

    Before this, I'd always get a bi-monthly gel manicure at the salon. But considering everything ~going on~, I'm obviously not going back for awhile.

    Since I've been to the salon enough times to have an idea of how to DIY gel nails myself, I decided to take the plunge at home. And the whole thing was easier than I expected! 💅

    Here's what you'll need + how to do it:

    • Gel base coat and top coat

    • Gel color nail polish

    • Sunscreen

    • Rubbing alcohol, gel cleanser, or hand sanitizer

    • A UV light nail lamp (Yeah, this is going to be the most expensive thing — the one I use is $64 on Amazon — but in my case, it paid for itself in just a few uses.)

    First things first, don't forget to put sunscreen on your hands.

    And make sure you're using gel-specific polish. This won't work with normal polish.

    Step 1: Put a gel clear base coat on your nails and place your hand under the UV light for 30 seconds.

    Step 2: Add your first coat of gel color polish and put it under the UV light for 60 seconds.

    Step 3: Repeat the above process and apply 2-3 coats of the gel color polish.

    Step 4: Apply your clear gel top coat and put it under the UV light for two minutes each hand.

    Step 5: Apply lotion or moisturizer to get some smoooooth hands.

    Step 6: Apply rubbing alcohol OR gel cleanser OR hand sanitizer to remove residue and extra stickiness.

    And there you go! You can do your own gel nails at home and probably save money in the long run.

    And when it comes time to take it off, you can remove with cotton balls + 100% acetone. Just be patient.

    Show off those nails y'all! 💅