How Addicted Are You To Diet Coke?

Are you currently drinking a Diet Coke? Note: This is NOT a sponsored post in any way whatsoever, addiction to Diet Coke is just a very real thing.

    1. 1 Diet Coke is your favorite drink.
    2. 2 You drink at least 1-3 cans/bottles of Diet Coke a day.
    3. 3 You drink at least 5-10 cans/bottles of Diet Coke a day.
    4. 4 Diet Coke is the first thing you drink in the morning.
    5. 5 It’s the last thing you drink before bed.
    6. 6 You drink more Diet Coke than water.
    7. 7 You sometimes refer to it as “DC.”
    8. 8 Diet Coke is usually your mixer when drinking liquor.
    9. 9 You always order Diet Coke at restaurants.
    10. 10 If they only have Pepsi, you are offended.
    11. 11 You would rather drink water than Pepsi.
    12. 12 If you’re late, your friend/family member/S.O. will order it for you.
    13. 13 You follow Diet Coke on Twitter.
    14. 14 On Facebook.
    15. 15 On Tumblr.
    16. 16 On Instagram.
    17. 17 You have entered some Diet Coke sweepstakes/contest
    18. 18 You have a customized Diet Coke bottle with your name on it.
    19. 19 You have a strong preference between cans, bottles, and fountain.
    20. 20 You drink Diet Coke with breakfast.
    21. 21 With lunch.
    22. 22 With dinner.
    23. 23 With pretty much any meal.
    24. 24 You currently have multiple cans/bottles of DC in your car.
    25. 25 At your desk.
    26. 26 On your nightstand.
    27. 27 You have tried the other Diet Coke flavors.
    28. 28 You hated them.
    29. 29 You don’t drink Diet Coke because it has “less calories.”
    30. 30 You drink Diet Coke because you legitimately like the taste.
    31. 31 You think Coke is too sweet.
    32. 32 And you think Caffeine Free Diet Coke is even worse than Coke.
    33. 33 Maybe even worse than Pepsi.
    34. 34 Fine, we won’t go that far.
    35. 35 You don’t understand the point of Coke Zero.
    36. 36 Your friends have made fun of your love for Diet Coke.
    37. 37 You don’t care.
    38. 38 You own Diet Coke swag.
    39. 39 You wear/use it in public.
    40. 40 You are currently drinking a Diet Coke.
    41. 41 People just love to tell you how gross Diet Coke is.
    42. 42 You will defend it like your first-born child.
    43. 43 And secretly think, “FINE, MORE FOR ME.”
    44. 44 You were sent this post by a friend because they know how much you love Diet Coke.
    45. 45 And you love that people automatically associate Diet Coke with you.

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