29 Hilarious Gabrielle Solis Quotes From "Desperate Housewives"

Bless you, Eva Longoria. This show wouldn’t have been the same without Gaby’s sassy personality.

1. That time Gaby talked politics.

2. When she revealed how domestic she is.

3. That time Gaby was arguing with Sister Mary about life’s greatest pleasures.

4. When she stacked toast on top of each other and called it “breakfast.”

5. When Tom was turned off by Lynette’s cancer hair and Gaby dropped some blunt honesty.

6. When Gaby said what we’ve been wanting to say to Edie since the show started.


7. That time she expressed the importance of wine nights.

8. When Gaby was super self-centered but you couldn’t even deny the credibility of her statement.

9. When she was looking to adopt a child.

10. That time Gaby showed off her rhyming skills.

12. That time she blamed her kids for her weight gain.


13. When Gaby discussed the progression of society.

14. When she used these fighting words.

15. That time she was job hunting.

16. When she ran over a woman with her car and said what she was really worried about.


17. When Carlos told Gabrielle to control her shopping habits.

18. When Gaby announced the beginning of the end.

19. That time she used Carlos’ handicapped pass to park and people with real disabilities were pissed.

20. When Gaby discovered her new favorite hobby.

21. When she spoke logic.


22. When we witnessed the extent of Gaby’s parenting skills.

23. That time Gaby claimed to have a problem…

24. And when she clarified she’s classy, not basic.

25. That time Gabrielle reassured these passengers.

26. When Gaby expressed just how much she loved Carlos and all his illegal activities.


28. That time Gaby and Carlos were fighting hardcore and she called the cops on him, right before he crashed through the window.

29. And when she accidentally brought up a John Rowland sex memory.

Never change, Gaby!

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