22 "Harry Potter" Puns That Are So Bad They're Good

    You laughed, let's be sirius.

    1. This pickup line someone used on Tom Felton.

    2. And this one.

    3. This bloody good joke.

    4. McGonagall's exit from Hogwarts.

    5. This Quidditch pun.

    6. This:

    7. This Facebook thread.

    8. This name game.

    9. This entire tumblr thread.

    10. And this one that took a turn for the worse.

    11. This movie coming to a theater near you.

    12. This sext.

    13. These alternate movie titles.

    14. "Lorde Voldemort"

    15. This joke even adults find funny.

    16. These Animagi puns.

    17. These magical household items.

    18. This Voldy burn.

    19. These comments.

    20. This convo that isn't going anywhere.

    21. This condom ad.

    22. And this amazing coffee cup.

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