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29 Times The Cast Of "Grey's Anatomy" Were Friendship Goals AF

They are all my person.

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1. When Ellen Pompeo directed Camilla Luddington to reenact BeyoncΓ©'s pregnancy photo shoot.

Instagram: @therealdebbieallen

2. When this badass group of surgeons took a break from the OR and opted for behind-the-scenes selfies.

Instagram: @caterinascorsone

Literally no one is ever this happy in Shondaland.

3. When Debbie Allen and Chandra Wilson got really excited about the Houston Astros.

Instagram: @therealdebbieallen

"Ain't no shush!"

4. When Camilla and Ellen made fun of #FitTea.

Instagram: @ellenpompeo

Koming for the Kardashians.

5. That time Camilla interviewed Jesse Williams about Jackson's foot fetish and his CGI abs.

Instagram: @ijessewilliams

He prefers a nude nail, FYI.

6. When the cast vowed to be your Valentine's Day date.

Instagram: @jessicacapshaw

πŸ’– πŸ’– πŸ’– πŸ’– πŸ’–

7. When Debbie Allen sang and danced to an original song about Grey's Anatomy.

Instagram: @thesarahdrew

"Grey's Anatomy is the G."

8. That time the cast took a knee in solidarity with the football players to protest police brutality.

Instagram: @ellenpompeo

"We kneel because we are supposed to be one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

9. When Sandra Oh and Ellen Pompeo played around in the makeup trailer.

Instagram: @ellenpompeo


10. When Camilla and Ellen didn't understand why everyone was staring at them.

Instagram: @ellenpompeo


11. When Camilla and Jessica texted like modern millennial friends do.

Instagram: @camillaluddington

12. That time Giacomo Gianniotti and Justin Chambers were way more friendly than DeLuca and Karev.

Instagram: @giacomo_gianniotti

13. When Sarah Drew, Chandra Wilson, and Camilla Luddington rolled up to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in a golf cart.

Instagram: @thesarahdrew

14. When Kim Raver and Abigail Spencer were a lot more relaxed than their characters were in this scene.

Instagram: @therealkmckidd

15. That time Jason George, James Pickens, and Camilla Luddington became a loveable trio of TV doctors.

Instagram: @therealjamespickens

16. When Caterina Scorsone and Kelly McCreary cuddled in a bed. In a bar.

Instagram: @caterinascorsone

17. When these ladies gave Bridesmaids a run for its money.

Instagram: @caterinascorsone


18. When Kelly and Sarah stole the office snacks.

Instagram: @thesarahdrew


19. When Sarah and Jesse were more of a loving pair than their characters.

Instagram: @thesarahdrew

RIP Jackson & April.

20. That time everyone was tired AF and Jerrika Hinton just took a damn break.

Instagram: @jasonwinstongeorge

Too real.

21. When Jerrika showed off her flexibility and everyone took this very normal picture.

Instagram: @jasonwinstongeorge

22. When the ladies got in formation.

Instagram: @ellenpompeo

23. When Ellen and Camilla had a makeup fight and Jessica Capshaw just cackled on.

Instagram: @ellenpompeo

24. When Chandra Wilson serenaded Jesse Williams and also helped his legs or something?

Instagram: @ellenpompeo

IDK what's happening but Chandra's voice can heal wounds.

25. That time Justin and Camilla showed everyone how much they love their fans.

Instagram: @giacomo_gianniotti


26. When everyone smiled on during fake surgery.

Instagram: @ijessewilliams

27. When these TV surgeons went crazy for Prince.

Instagram: @therealdebbieallen

28. When Sara Ramirez found a friendly face at a press event.

Instagram: @therealsararamirez


29. And that time the next generation of interns celebrated their exciting new TV job.

Instagram: @rushikota

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