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Here's The 14-Day Fitness Challenge You Can Do Anywhere

Goodful x Aaptiv have teamed up to help get your workouts in. 💪

Hey #FitFam! We just launched our annual Goodful 2-Week Healthy Eating Challenge, and now we're giving you a special Goodful x Aaptiv 2-Week Fitness Challenge to go along with it!

What is Aaptiv? It's a workout app that provides unlimited access to audio-based fitness classes, programs, and challenges created by expert trainers.

You can filter out what kind of classes you're interested in by workout type, trainers, duration, difficulty levels, and music genre, and then choose a class that fits your goals for the day.

What makes it so great is the coaching through your headphones — the trainers often correct your form, tell you how to improve performance, and encourage you to keep working harder.

Also, the music component is actually lit. You can pick by genre (pop, dance/electronic, etc) and the playlists correspond really well to the rhythm of the workout.

Goodful and Aaptiv have created a 14-day fitness plan, which you can access when you download the app. Here's a preview below of what's to come!

Interested in joining us in the Challenge? Click here to download the Aaptiv app and get a special discount through January 31!

Special pricing is as follows:


* $99.99 plus 30 day free trial

* Discounted by 45% through end of January (equates to 5 months free)

* Can cancel any time during free trial

Monthly (not discounted)

* $14.99/month

* Can cancel any time

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