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    We Draped Marina And The Diamonds In Fruit And Talked About "Froot"

    We sat down with Marina and talked about everything from her favorite song on her new album Froot to her favorite fruit emoji.

    You might know her as the quirky Welsh musician with indie pop and electropop hits such as "Hollywood" and "Primadonna," but Marina Diamandis has more to offer on her new album Froot. Marina and the Diamonds (the Diamonds are a reference to her fans, ~FYI~) stopped by BuzzFeed NY to chat about all things froot-related. And of course, we draped her in fruit because this is BuzzFeed and we like food and fun.

    Why is your album called Froot?

    Marina Diamandis: It's called Froot because out of all the songs on the album, that made sense the most. It kind of symbolizes growing as an artist and being fully realized, or feeling like you're fully realized.

    Why is it spelled F-R-O-O-T?

    MD: 'Cause I like it! No, actually, I like blending natural things with artificial things. That's definitely one of my key interests.

    Which song on your album best represents a blueberry?

    MD: Probably "Froot!"

    Green or red apples?

    MD: Green. Red are a little too sweet for me! I don't actually love fruit (don't tell anyone!). No, I like certain types of fruit but I don't eat it every day (laughs).

    What's your favorite fruit emoji?

    MD: Oooooh. Hmm, banana.

    What fruit do you hate the most?

    MD: I'm not a big fan of kiwi or dried papaya.

    Which fruit do you love the most (even though you don't really like fruit)?

    MD: I actually love pineapple! I like raspberries and blueberries because they're not really saccharine.

    What is in your typical smoothie?

    MD: Yogurt, raspberries, blueberries.

    What is your favorite song on Froot?

    MD: I have three! "Happy," "Better Than That," and "Froot."

    What are your feelings on dried fruit?

    MD: Kind of grim. I used to really be into it, like the dried mangos are quite nice, but dried papaya is complete poor man's dried fruit. They just pack so much of it in!

    What was the hardest song to write or record on this album?

    MD: Most complex song to write was "Froot." And record, well, to get right in production, was "Savages."

    Cantaloupe or watermelon?

    MD: Watermelon. I'm Greek so I have to say that!

    What song on your album best represents a banana?

    MD: A banana! (laughs) I love these questions! "Happy," for some reason. Maybe because it was a yellow song.

    What's more phallic to you: an eggplant or a banana?

    MD: A banana! Fuck, every answer is banana (laughs).

    What is your favorite fruit pretending to be a vegetable?

    MD: Definitely tomato.

    And finally, are you aware of the Futurama episode where they have a product named Froot, spelled the same as your album?

    MD: Is that real? OMG a fan screencapped it! I am aware of it, but only recently. I thought they had photoshopped it.

    Froot by Marina and the Diamonds is now available for purchase!