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    17 French Bulldogs Guaranteed To Make You Smile

    We do not deserve dogs.

    1. Barkley and his pug friend Doug, who look exactly like your parents on FaceTime.

    2. These buds, who love dressing up for the holidays.

    3. Olive, who does a great job rocking bows.

    4. This little baby who loves playing with sticks.

    5. This tiny guy who just wants to go to work with mom.

    6. And this precious angel who could make humans do anything.

    7. This pup who can nap better than any cat.

    8. These cutie pies who can outshine any model.

    9. This little pot of honey.

    10. This Frenchie up-and-coming band.

    11. This guy who shares my same passion for sleeping and eating pasta.

    12. Elvis, who doesn't look a day over 21.

    13. This tiny pup who steals hearts with a glance.

    14. This funny Frenchie who is a sucker for a head tilt.

    15. These blue-eyed beauties.

    16. This pup with a small body and a big voice.

    17. And this sweet pup.