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This Is What Your Favorite Fictional Characters Would Look Like In Real Life

It's not every day you catch a Quidditch player buying sweeping brooms at Target.

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Amanda Rollins, a UCF grad and LeakyCon Art Fellowship winner, started the Fiction Happens photography project for her senior thesis back in 2013.


The concept is to take pictures of fictional characters in everyday situations and capture the feeling of growing up with your favorite movie/TV icons.


"The idea for the project actually sparked from remembering experiences from when I was younger of being bullied. I wanted to take this idea and inspire people to not be ashamed of who they are or what they love!"


Rollins said people often come up to the shoots and ask to take pictures with the cosplayers.


Although, not everything always goes as planned. Rollins says, "We also had a kid exclaim to his friends, 'That isn't Batman! That's just a dad in a costume!'"

Either way, the project is a fun surprise for geeks who see these photo shoots in action.