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18 Exes Hell-Bent On Getting Their Breakup Revenge

Love is crazy, y'all.

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1. The person who went all Carrie Underwood on this car.

2. This girl who burned her Valentine's Day gifts full of lies.

3. The person who gave away this guy's possessions.

4. The girl who sent her ex on a breakup scavenger hunt.

5. The person who went to town on this van.

6. The guy who used his resources.

7. This person who broke up in the best way possible, which makes the breakup even more sad.

8. This ex-wife who used the joint bank account to make a very public breakup.

9. And this one who used the investment account.

10. The guy who put the girlfriend's clothes on the curb.

11. The person who used poetry to break it off on Valentine's Day.

12. The girl who used a balloon and pig ears to make a point.

13. The guy who took the dog.

14. The person who put this up.

15. The guy who used celebrity analogy.

16. The person who posted in the Personals.

17. The guy who took his feelings to a very permanent level.

18. And the girl who went way too hard on the TMI game.

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