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    15 Easy-To-Make Healthy Snacks To Try This Halloween

    Great for Halloween parties, work potlucks, or even snacks for your kids.

    1. Candy Corn Fruit Cocktail

    Family Fresh Meals / Via

    The only acceptable candy corn tbh. Recipe here.

    2. Monster Apple Mouths

    She Knows / Via

    Apples + peanut butter + almonds = perfection. Recipe here.

    3. Witches Hands

    Toni Spilsbury / Via

    Great for a work party or potluck! Recipe here.

    4. Frozen "Boo"-Nana Pops

    Skinnytaste / Via

    So ~spooky~. Recipe here.

    5. Frankenstein Kiwis

    Two Healthy Kitchens / Via

    The cutest monsters you've ever seen. Recipe here.

    6. Spooky Spider Snacks

    Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons / Via

    The only time you welcome a spider into your home. Recipe here.

    7. Witch Broom Sticks

    Kitchen Life of a Navy Wife / Via

    Easy AND fun to make! Recipe here.

    8. Mini Clementine Pumpkins

    A Thrifty Mom / Via

    The quickest Halloween-themed snack you could ever ask for. Recipe here.

    9. Halloween Spider Sandwiches

    Autism Learning Felt / Via

    And the best part with these is that you can substitute the ingredients to your sandwich preferences. Recipe here.

    10. Bat-Bread Chips and Dip

    FlatOut Flatbread / Via

    You can also use a bunch of different Halloween-themed cutouts! Recipe here.

    11. Orange Jack-O-Lantern Fruit Cups

    In the Playroom / Via

    Healthy and simple. Recipe here.

    12. Veggie Skeleton

    Feeding Four Little Monkeys / Via

    It's a work of art. Recipe here.

    13. Crunchy Halloween Mummies

    Betty Crocker / Via

    You can even wrap these up and take them to work. Recipe here.

    14. Halloween Kabobs

    Pritikin / Via

    Everyone loves a good fruit kabob. Recipe here.

    15. Spiders on a Log

    Chelsea's Messy Apron / Via

    An update to a childhood favorite. Recipe here.