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    23 Dogs Who Really Love Their Best Friend

    And this is why every kid should grow up with a dog.

    1. This dog who's really good at keeping his friend's secrets.

    2. This dog who's totally OK with piggyback rides.

    3. This dog who will happily play War with his tiny human.

    4. This guy who's willing to forgo running in the backyard to spend time with this little girl and her action figures.

    5. This golden retriever who happily serves as a pillow for this little boy.

    6. This mastiff who accompanies his master on all outdoor trips.

    7. This dog who's all about playing dress-up.

    8. This dog who will do anything to protect her sleeping angel.

    9. This dog who's really good at cuddling.

    10. This pup whose job is to look adorable and brighten this girl's day, every day.

    11. These dogs who double as bodyguards for this tiny toddler.

    12. This husky who's always caught getting into trouble with his partner-in-crime.

    13. This dog who also happens to be a mini horse for this little girl.

    14. This dog who comforts her human in times of need.

    15. This dog who follows his friend everywhere he goes.

    16. This pup who helps this little guy reach midday treats.

    17. This pit bull who walks hand-in-hand with his best friend.

    18. This dog who turns into a couch whenever this little girl needs a nap.

    19. This dog who doesn't mind testing out Halloween costumes.

    20. This guy who's really good at sharing stories.

    21. This dog who's very generous with giving out kisses.

    22. This dog who writes letters to his BFF.

    23. And this dog who's better at hugging than any human on the planet.

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