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    27 Dogs Who Make Exceedingly Adorable Ring Bearers

    Every wedding should have a dog.

    1. "This pillow totally accentuates my eyes."

    2. "Don't I look dapper in this top hat?"

    3. "Wow, I have such an important job."

    4. "I'm going to look so damn cute bouncing down the aisle."

    5. "Is this the practice round?"

    6. "I promise not to bark during the ceremony."

    7. "Do not eat the rings. Do not eat the rings."

    8. "We'll still be friends after you get married, right?"

    9. "This is so much pressure. I hope I do a good job."

    10. "I love masquerade weddings."

    11. "Pet meeeeeeee!"

    12. "I can't wait for you to open this red box."

    13. "I am so fancy."

    14. "So, what time is this thing happening?"

    15. "Do I look better with or without the hat?"

    16. "OMG OMG it's almost time!"

    17. "You're going to be a husband, human. And I am honored to be your ring bearer."

    18. "Wait, where did I put the rings?..."

    19. "Is this my cue?"

    20. "OK, I can do this."

    21. "This is my moment."

    22. "Here I go!"

    23. "Look how fierce I am walking beside a bed of petals."

    24. "Have they kissed yet??"

    25. "Congrats, you're married! Can I have my bone now?"

    26. "I'm so happy for my owners!"

    27. "Thank you for picking me to be your ring bearer."