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    27 Dogs Who Failed So Hard You Can't Help But Laugh

    WHY?! — These dogs.

    1. This dog who was so majestic at first, but then failed to finish the jump.

    2. This dog who...uh...yeah.

    3. This dog whose game of "race you there" ended in an epic loss.

    4. This dog who gets an A for effort.

    5. This dog who lost in a game of thrones.

    6. This guy who completely missed it.

    7. This dog who shouldn't walk around with a basket on her head.

    8. This pom who missed the lesson on reflections.

    9. This pup who just couldn't handle the pressure of playing catch.

    10. This corgi who found out who dealt the smell.

    11. This dog who tried to play fetch with an infant.

    12. This dog who needs to try harder tbh.

    13. This dog who slipped in the most dramatic way possible.

    14. This pup who's too small to climb things.

    15. This dog who was NOT feeling a game of fetch.

    16. This dog who made a huge mistake when he barked at the cat.

    17. This dog who reached for the fences (of grass).

    18. This doxie who was so close to land mass but missed it by an inch.

    19. This dog who got outshone by her bigger counterpart.

    20. This poor pug left alone with the human.

    21. This dog who tried to cover up her fail by going in for a stretch.

    22. This dog who got stuck between the couches.

    23. And this one.

    24. This dog who doesn't know much about grace.

    25. This dog who went too hard at the pool party.

    26. This dog who thought this was Soul Cycle.

    27. And this innocent bystander.

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