19 Dogs That Really Need A Hug Right Now

Sad face.

1. This dog who just got rejected by the girl next door.

2. This Corgi who didn’t mean to decapitate his monkey toy.

3. This dog who just watched the end of The Notebook.

4. This Pug who can’t beat level 65 in Candy Crush.

5. This dog who listened to an entire Adele album.

6. This Lab who would rather play fetch than take a shower.

7. This dog who can’t believe Breaking Bad is coming to an end.

8. This Pug who just now saw Miley Cyrus’ MTV performance.

9. This pup who thought it was a good idea to sit on the couch and now regrets everything.

10. This dog who just realized where her owner’s loyalty lies.

11. This Chihuahua who just heard “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan on the radio.

12. This dog who’s extremely disappointed in the Dexter series finale.

13. This dog who’s really afraid of thunder.

14. This dog who doesn’t want his mom to go on vacation.

15. This Pug who regrets eating so much pizza.

16. This lovestruck pup who let “the one” get away.

17. This poor guy who really didn’t appreciate his human’s sense of humor.

18. This dog who just lost her favorite toy to the porcelain throne.

19. And this dog who helped himself to some cat treats.

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