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28 Dogs Having A Way Worse Day Than You

"FML." — These dogs.

1. This dog who almost nailed it.

2. This dog who didn't expect to see a cat behind the door.

3. This dog who can't even believe how rude humans are.

4. This dog who shouldn't have agreed to go for a ride.

5. This puppy who thought she was running toward her soulmate.

6. This dog who can't seem to climb the slide.

7. This dog who was degraded by the cone of shame AND a cat.

8. This puppy who was just a poor, innocent bystander.

9. This dog who can't even catch a treat.

10. This dog who severely misjudged the width of that branch.

11. This dog who can't even fetch a toy.

12. This dog who didn't realize how enormous that red ball was.

13. This dog who just wanted to follow in her owner's footsteps.

14. This dog who thought he was a professional soccer player but obviously isn't.

15. This pug who had to endure a three-hour car ride with his brother.

16. This dog who thought she had it all figured out.

17. This dog who's deeply afraid of this tortoise.

18. This dog who highly regrets his sniffing decision.

19. This corgi who ate too many treats.

20. This dog who can't handle anything right now and is totally losing it.

21. This puppy who lacks the amount of power needed to hop across the couch.

22. This dog who was forced to humiliate himself in order to get food.

23. This dog who got hardcore shamed by her human.

24. This dog who ate a bee and now looks like Goofy.

25. This dog who got stuck in a very unfortunate position.

26. This dog who can't seem to reach the cupcake.

27. This dog who just got to the vet.

28. And this dog who's terrified of Julia Roberts.