13 Disappointing Facts About Candy Crush

Someone send help. Please.

1. The addictive app makes roughly $633,000 per DAY.

2. Which is more than $1 million every couple days.

3. Or more than $230 million per year.

4. This game is played by every seventh person in Hong Kong daily.

5. And it’s so popular, it’s even made an appearance in a Psy music video.

6. There are more than 436,000 photos tagged #candycrush on Instagram.

7. And there’s a whole Esty page dedicated to Candy Crush-inspired items.

8. People are so obsessed with this app, they change the date on their phones just to get more lives.

More details here.

9. And a 14-year-old boy spent $4,300 on boosts and extra moves.

10. Candy Crush has 132.9 million monthly Facebook-connected users.

11. Which is more than a 10th of Facebook’s 1.15 billion monthly active users.

12. The game has become so bad, UK Rehab opened a residential rehabilitation program for addicts.

13. Which receives as many as 100 inquires per month and costs $5,000.

It’s basically the King (get it?) of the world.

So… Are you addicted?

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