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Definitive Proof That Shay Mitchell Is ***Flawless

The ultimate #WCW.

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Hello everyone. If you don't know the beauty that is Shay Mitchell, you should get familiar.

She currently plays Emily Fields on Pretty Little Liars and she is an underrated hottie.

ABC Family

First off, she's the definition of drop dead gorgeous.

She can rock shades like it's nobody's business.

And her hair blows in the wind like the goddess that she is.

Her selfie game is on point as expected.

And her love of pizza and sweets is so relatable it hurts.

She's a seasoned expert when it comes to red carpet perfection.

Jag Gundu / Getty
Frazer Harrison / Getty
D Dipasupil / Getty

And when she's not glammed up, she's hitting the park.

Shay also has the cutest dog which makes you love her even more.

And she's got the perfect response to any and all haters.

Her entire Instagram feed is on point.

And has a great sense of humor.

And her and Ashley Benzo are the most adorable Hollywood BFF duo out there.

No one has ever looked this good in high tops.

She also does great things like events to promote education.

And she runs a lifestyle blog worth following.

Basically Shay is ***flawless and we should all take a moment to appreciate that.

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