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    Daniel Radcliffe Pranked The Nylon Office And Then Got Trolled By Joe Jonas

    Celebs: They're just like us.

    Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter heartthrob and acting extraordinaire, stopped by Nylon to pull a prank on employees by being their new receptionist for an hour.

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    First all these people just walked by and totally ignored him.

    And then this girl finally realized who her new receptionist was and she had a much better reaction.

    Some fans asked for pictures.

    This girl acted very appropriately.

    This guy told Dan how great he was in Harry Potter.

    And then brought up his "horse play" and ruined everything.

    This woman really needed to meet with someone, and Dan was not at all prepared.

    And then Joe Jonas walked through the door, leaving Dan nearly speechless.

    They officially ~met~ and Dan admitted his insecurities.

    And when Dan went to get someone, Joe whispered his thoughts.

    And Dan, please feel free to be BuzzFeed's receptionist anytime you want. We have snacks and stickers.