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    16 Crafts You Loved Making As A Kid

    Don't you wish you were eight again?

    1. Lanyard Box Stitch

    Good for keychains or bracelets. Tutorial here.

    2. Lanyard Twist Stitch

    Arielle Calderon

    This was for the more talented pros. Tutorial here.

    3. Hama Beads

    The only downfall of this was when you ironed the beads and they didn't melt enough. Tutorial here.

    4. Friendship Bracelets

    Chinese Staircase was the best! Tutorial here.

    5. God's Eye

    Mine were never this pretty. Tutorial here.

    6. Ceramic Paintings

    Facebook: Pick-and-Paint-Pottery

    Going to the shop and picking out your ceramic was the best part!

    7. Sand Bottle Art

    So colorful. Tutorial here.

    8. Pinwheel Pencils

    You probably spent more time blowing the pinwheel than using the pencil. Tutorial here.

    9. Tie Dye Shirts

    So retro. Tutorial here.

    10. Foam Visors

    The only time visors were cool.

    11. Beaded Geckos

    !!! Tutorial here.

    12. Popsicle Stick Box

    My first jewelry box. Tutorial here.

    13. Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder

    Nom nom. Tutorial here.

    14. Stained Glass Kits

    So magical. Video here.

    15. Latch Hook

    It was a miracle if you actually finished one. Tutorial here.

    16. Caterpillar Magnets

    You had the cutest fridge in town. Tutorial here.

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