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How To Make A BuzzFeed Poll

You've already mastered the art of creating your own quiz. Now it's time to bring on the polls!

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You'll start off in the 'Questions' section. This is where you'll put your main question and optional image and description for your poll. If you're planning to ask multiple poll questions, make sure you put them in separate sub buzzes!

You can choose to ask your question in an image form and uncheck "Display Poll Question" in the Advanced Settings — but a poll Question is always required as it is necessary for sharing your poll!

There's no limit on the number of answers you can have in a poll, but keep it within reason. Click "Add Answer" to add more than two answers.

•Answer Format is the physical layout for the answers in your poll.

•Answer Titles are always required, as these are necessary for sharing poll results!

•Make sure you source your images appropriately!

But you can uncheck the "Display Answer Title" box if you just want the image to show in your poll.


Add as many separate poll questions as you'd like into your post!

There's no hard and fast limit on the number of polls that a post can contain! But once again, keep it with reason. Too many polls at once hurt my brain.

1. After you publish a poll, you cannot add or remove answers. The number of answers must remain the same. You CAN modify the text of an answer. But be careful with this! If a lot of people have already selected an answer, you may not want to change the text of what they've already voted for.

2. You can only vote for each question in a poll one time!


If you have questions, email the Community team ( or email BuzzFeed tech support ( You can also find the BuzzFeed Support Team on Twitter.