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Brownie Batter Oreos Now Exist And This Is What They Taste Like

Spoiler alert: They are pretty good.

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It really did taste like brownie batter! Like, enough that I want to go home and bake brownies, but by "bake brownies" I mean dump all the ingredients into a bowl and eat them raw and then experience a massive amount of regret.
As you might expect, they're a little richer than regular Oreos, and you don't get the cool ~contrast~ that you do with regular Oreos either. That said, I think they'd be bomb with some vanilla ice cream.
If chocolate had sex with more chocolate and then got a chocolate surrogate and put the fertilized choco egg inside that chocolate surrogate and she carried that choco egg to full-term and the baby was born and you ate it, it would taste like this.
Good, though made me wish I could just eat a tube of the icing minus the cookies, or just a real brownie. :(
This is the Oreo cookie after it divorced the creme and went through a brief period of dating the fudge from the the E.L. Fudge Keebler Elf cookie.
Tastes like you ate an Oreo, crunched it up real good, and spit the resulting gray goop in between a different Oreo. All this is said with love. It's really good.
It kind of smells like a mix between chocolate and tar, but in a good way? You can also smell these things from like, three desks away (which I didn't hate, honestly).
The dark filling was, at first, off-putting. But the first bite lay all my worries to rest. How have we lived our lives without knowing the joy of the Oreo texture paired with rich, brownie batter taste? Truly today is the first day of the rest of our lives. Rejoice.
It tasted like an Oreo, but instead of creme it contained a sinful mush of cookie that made me question where outside ended and middle began.
In order to write my testimonial, I'll need to eat another. Hmmm, I think I might need to have a third. Maybe I should just eat the whole box. Yes, yes, I'll eat the whole box and then I'll be able to give you a well thought-out review.

The Brownie Batter Oreos are now on sale, so if this cookie speaks to you, go out and try it!

These Oreos were furnished to BuzzFeed for review.