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    The Flood In Hawaii Is So Bad That Bison Are Being Washed Away

    It rained 28 inches within 24 hours on Kauai, leading Hawaii's governor to issue an emergency proclamation for the island.

    In case you haven't heard, things are getting very crazy in the Hawaiian island, Kauai, right now.

    The island had a record-breaking 28 inches of rain within 24 hours — destroying several homes and property, triggering mudslides, and even creating sinkholes.

    This is a sinkhole on Kahiliholo Rd in Kilauea that’s roughly 40 feet deep on both sides of the road. The only thing holding up the ground beneath me is the asphalt. #KauaiFlooding #Kilauea

    More than 200 people had to be airlifted and rescued from the North Shore, including both residents and tourists, the Associated Press reported.

    Kauai #hitraffic update: This is new video of Hanalei Bridge. The water level has reached 14.6 feet. Kuhio Hwy remains closed in the both directions. Avoid the area.

    Some people were able to get out of the North Shore by boat. Pro surfer Laird Hamilton was seen helping a group of girls who were stranded in Hanalei after attending a sleepover camp.

    And the flood was so bad that wild bison are LITERALLY being washed away in the waters.

    One dude even used a lasso while riding a Jet Ski to try and get the animal to safety.

    Here are more paniolo (cowboys) attempting to get the bison in Hanalei Bay to shore.

    Paniolos (cowboys) on Kauai trying to lasso a bison that washed down to the beach during the flooding

    One bison even charged a woman who was trying to take a picture of it.

    A bison charges a woman trying to film it

    Maybe don't do that?

    No major injuries or loss of life have been reported.

    For tourists planning to visit Kauai, the Hawaii Division of State Parks is providing updates. As of now, several parks and trails are closed until further notice.

    To help with relief efforts, visit the Hawaii Red Cross.

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