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22 Big Dogs Who Think They're Lap Dogs

They're not quite as small as they believe.

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1. This dog who's too big for the car and has to sit with his head out the sunroof.

2. This dog who doesn't understand why someone is judging him for sitting comfortably on the couch.

3. This dog who's just trying to protect his human from bad boyfriends.

4. This dog who likes to cuddle on Sundays and binge on Netflix.

5. This dog who's taking dance lessons with his BFF.

6. This dog who really loves to pretend she's still a puppy.

7. This dog who's spending his recess on the swing.

8. This dog who looks like a mystical canine/wolf hybrid.

9. This dog who's basically a mini-horse.

10. This dog who serves as a pillow for tiny kittens.

11. This dog who takes babysitting a little too seriously.

12. This super hero who's ready to save his city.

13. This dog who's better at spooning than any human on the planet.

14. This dog who likes to get in touch with nature.

15. This dog whose perfect date is dinner and a movie.

16. This dog who's afraid of thunder and really needs some moral support.

17. This dog who's trying to convince her owner to take her for a walk.

18. This dog who's crushing this girl.

19. This dog who's taking a nap despite being able to fit on the couch.

20. This dog who might actually be a lion.

21. This dog who's making the best of a small chair.

22. And Zeus, the world's tallest dog.

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