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    17 Places You Must Eat At In Lima, Peru

    Lima is the food capitol of South America — and for good reason.

    Hi! My name is Arielle, and I am currently doing Remote Year — which means I'm working remotely while traveling and living in a different country each month. My first stop was Lima, Peru, and the food was AH 👏 MA 👏 ZING. Here's a list of the best places to eat when you visit!

    1. Isolina

    2. Siete Sopas

    3. Canta Ranita

    4. La Rosa Nautica

    5. Central

    6. Maido

    7. Mercado 28

    8. Barrio

    9. Osaka

    10. Maria Almenara

    11. KO Asian Kitchen

    12. Síbaris

    13. Astrid y Gaston

    14. Homemade

    15. Punto Azul

    16. La Preferida

    17. Anticuchería Doña Pochita

    Arielle Calderon is a writer temporarily based in Latin America participating in Remote Year. If you have any tips on cool places, events, or things to eat in Bogotá or Mexico City, email her at or DM her on Instagram.