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31 "Avengers: Infinity War" Memes That Are Funny And Also Traumatizing

Where is Gamora? Who is Gamora? WHY is Gamora? *SPOILERS*


1. This Parks and Wreck-my emotions GIF set.

2. This logic.

3. This true comparison.

4. How the Guardians reacted to the introduction of Thor.

5. This relatable Loki moment.

6. This screen shot of you and your friends after watching the movie.

7. This worst/best meme.

8. This Tom Holland appreciation post.

Tony Stark: I need someone to distract Thanos. Peter Parker: Say no more Mr. Stark.. @TomHolland1996 #InfinityWar

9. This emotional demonstration.

10. The AAAAAAAvengers screaming.

11. This GIF of Sebastian Stan understanding our feelings.

12. And this:

13. This crying baby who is me.

14. When Hulk was NOT fucking having it.

#InfinityWar Banner: Thanos is here. Time for Hulk. Hulk:

15. When Marvel couldn't just give Thor a damn break.

16. This tweet that was all of us when Thor made his entrance.

When Thor made his entrance #InfinityWar #AvengersInfinintyWar

17. This roundup of no-context pictures.

18. The best Drax moment of the movie.

19. How we all felt when Thanos said that line.

20. Literally all of us.

21. Relationship goals.

22. A short film titled: Completely Giving Up

23. Being attacked before the title card even popped up.

24. Tony losing all faith in humanity.

25. These nicknames.

26. Us praying that Kevin Feige is just fucking with us.

27. When we wished for one thing and then wanted to take it back.

28. Tom Hiddleston saying what we were thinking.

29. Thanos just being a fucking dick.

30. Wakanda Forever, I think???? 😭

31. And the key takeaway.