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10 Amazing Moments From Neil Patrick Harris' "Hedwig And The Angry Inch" Tony Awards Performance

NPH took his wig, fishnets, and heels to the Tony Awards and it was incredible.

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1. When NPH first hit the Radio City stage as Hedwig.

2. When he started doing pelvis thrusts.

3. When he assaulted these giant speakers.

4. That time NPH put on a skirt made out of Christmas lights and gave Orlando Bloom a special dance.

5. And when he screamed, "It's like a car wash! I'm BLOOMING!"

Because Orlando Bloom. GET IT?!

6. When Neil licked Samuel L. Jackson's glasses and prompted a look of utter shock.

7. That time Sting got a lap dance (and LOVED it).

8. When NPH and Kevin Bacon cuddled in a seat.

9. That time Neil jumped on top of the car.

10. And when Neil made out with his hubby David Burtka.