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    37 Signs You Grew Up In South Florida

    Where every holiday was spent at the beach.

    1. You probably went to this club before you were 18.

    2. You've been to Santa's many a time.

    And have permanently memorized the radio tune.

    3. And you loved to watch the shows at Miami Seaquarium.

    4. You either grew up bilingual or just became bilingual via osmosis.

    5. This was your go-to water park.

    Even though the lines were atrocious.

    6. Boomers was the place you played mini-golf and rode that sketchy wooden roller coaster.

    Wasn't it originally called Grand Prix?

    7. You went to Lion Country Safari and had many animals come right up to your window.

    8. Or you fed the giraffes at Metro Zoo.

    9. You always kept beach stuff in your car, just in case.

    10. The Palmetto has been under construction since before you were born.

    And it is notorious for awful traffic.

    11. And palmetto bugs have RUINED YOUR LIFE.


    12. If you didn't live in Aventura, the only reason you went there was for the kick-ass mall.

    13. Jaxson's was your favorite place to go for ice cream.

    And if you were brave enough, you ordered the Kitchen Sink.

    14. This is where you went on vacation.

    15. And here:

    16. You often listened to the DJ Laz Morning Show on Power 96.

    Power love hour!

    17. Flips-flops were completely acceptable footwear all year round.

    18. You've been to a few Quinceañeras in your life.

    And maybe even danced in one.

    19. You went to Vizcaya to see the palace.

    And probably took some pretty pictures there too.

    20. These were your sports teams.

    Arielle Calderon

    And you still hope the Dolphins will make a comeback. At least they had that perfect season in 1972.

    21. Cuban food was the only kind of food.

    The best type of catered party.

    22. Senior Skip Day was spent at the beach.

    23. You went through a chonga phase.

    Or knew several girls who did.

    24. You experienced Hurricane Andrew.

    Or hear about it all the time.

    25. Your summer camp field trips included a boat ride at the Everglades.

    To watch a guy wrestle an alligator.

    26. Or a trip to the Miami Science Museum.

    27. Or maybe a trip to C.B. Smith Park.

    28. You saw many birds walking around your neighborhood.

    Ducks, chickens, peacocks. You know, normal stuff.

    29. The only season you experienced was summer.

    Arielle Calderon

    30. The Festival Flea Market is where you went shopping on Saturdays.

    31. As much as humidity sucks, it feels kind of comforting to you.

    32. You are fluent in Spanglish.

    33. You probably had a colorful house on your block.

    34. Knowing someone who had a boat made you feel cool.

    35. The Dade County Fair was an annual event.

    36. You crossed the Seven Mile Bridge when you went to the Keys.

    37. And driving in Hialeah was terrifying.