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    25 Reasons To Love The Women Of "American Horror Story: Coven"

    If you don't think this cast is magical, you're wrong. If you're not caught up, spoilers ahead.

    1. Because Fiona Goode is a badass and puts other witches to shame.

    2. And voodoo witch Queenie says whatever the hell is on her mind because she DGAF.

    3. Misty Day has the power of resurgence and she can literally resurrect herself if burned at the stake.

    4. She's also the biggest Stevie Nicks fangirl that ever existed and it's adorable.

    5. Madison Montgomery is a total bitch, but her unfiltered one-liners are a national treasure.

    6. Marie Laveau is the sassy Voodoo Queen and she'll literally behead you if you piss her off.

    As Delphine learned not too long ago.

    "What you gonna do? Kill me? I can’t die. Throw me back in the box, I've seen enough of this world."

    7. Nan always knows what's up because she can read minds.

    8. And Fiona is a ruthless bitch who will do anything to stay the Supreme.

    9. Not to mention she's incredibly skilled at throwing side-eye.

    10. This girl Zoe can literally kill men with her vagina.

    11. And Queenie is the best with threats.

    12. Cordelia and Fiona have a unique mother-daughter relationship that's horrible and entertaining all at the same time.

    13. And Madame Delphine LaLaurie is the kind of character you hate but can't help empathizing with.


    FX / T. Klye MacMahon /

    15. And she's completely self-aware.

    FX / T. Klye MacMahon /

    16. Nothing is "too soon" for Myrtle.

    17. She'll even steal your jewelry as you lay on your death bed.

    18. And Marie won't put up with anyone's shit.

    19. Madison is concerned with the important things in life.

    20. And she *sometimes* cares about her friends.

    21. Fiona is a BOSS.

    22. And her bitchy attitude is her best quality.

    23. Besides her idea of punishment.

    24. Queenie is everything.

    25. And so are all the other women, tbh.

    Never change, witches.