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18 Of The Coolest Water Slides From Around The World

Thrill-seekers welcomed.

1. Summit Plummet, Florida

Disney's Blizzard Beach hosts this ski themed slide with a 120-foot slope.

2. AquaLoop, South Korea!prettyPhoto

Caribbean Bay at Everland Resort hosts this adventurous water ride known as the AquaLoop.

3. Wildebeest, Indiana

The Wildebeest is the longest water slide in the world, lasting a whopping two-and-a-half minutes.

4. Tantrum Alley, Dubai

Tantrum Alley consists of two large downhill waterslides and three funnels.

5. Bulletbowl, Beijing

Located in the world-famous Beijing National Aquatic Center (The Watercube), China's first indoor waterpark offers whimsical slides with a magical theme.

6. Scorpion's Tail, Wisconsin

This slide is ten stories high with an initial drop that plummets at 50-feet per second.

7. Atlantis, Paradise Island

David Smith / Via Flickr: davidkosmos

The Leap of Faith slide has a 60-foot drop from the top of the iconic Mayan Temple, propelling riders through a clear tunnel submerged in a shark-filled lagoon.

8. King Cobra, New Jersey

Located at Six Flags in New Jersey, the King Cobra offers a tube-racing journey and ends with a 25-foot plunge at a 50-degree angle.

9. Città del Mare, Italy

At this Italian resort, guests can slide right into the Mediterranean Sea.

10. Insano, Brazil

Currently holding the record for World's Tallest Water Slide, the Insano stands at 135-feet tall and travels at 65 mph.

11. Head-first Racer, China!prettyPhoto

Located at Chimelong Waterpark, this eight-slide ride is perfect for those looking for a little competition.

12. Jumeirah Sceirah, Dubai

When guests get to the top of these tandem slides, they step into a capsule and await for the floors beneath to open and drop down the 340-foot slide at 50 mph.

13. Epic Plunge, Norwegian Cruise Line

A water slide on a cruise ship. What more could you ask for?

14. L2, Austria

The L2 is located in Austria and is dubbed the first double loop water slide in the world.

15. Giant Slide, China!prettyPhoto

Another attraction at Chimelong Waterpark, the Giant Slide shoots the family raft up a structure for a thrilling ride.

16. Big Thunder, Florida

At Rapids Waterpark in West Palm Beach, the Big Thunder streams riders through a 45-degree drop that accelerates the raft into a huge funnel at 20 mph.

17. Master Blaster Water Coasters, Dubai!prettyPhoto

Located at Atlantis The Palms Resort in Dubai, these crazy slides take its riders through the park for a thrilling adventure.

18. Boeing 747, Oregon!prettyPhoto

This B747-100 aircraft is actually a water slide and resides at the Evergreen Wings & Waves Waterpark in Oregon.

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