The 15 Stages Of Killing A Spider

This was the hardest/scariest/most torturous post to make.

1. So, you’ve spotted a spider.

2. And let’s be real, as great as they are, some spiders just gotta go.

3. They walk all over your house acting like they own the place.

4. They’re constantly terrorizing your family members.

5. Sometimes they even fight amongst themselves IN YOUR SPACE.


6. When you realize you need to kill it you’re like…

7. But then, something comes over you and you know what time it is…

8. It’s time to open a can of whoop ass on this intruder.

9. This spider walked into the wroooooong house.

10. You still feel a little nervous when getting closer to the spider.

11. You pray that something like this doesn’t happen while completing the mission.

12. Then you get all Jack Torrance on this spider.

13. After you’ve properly disposed of the spider via flushing it down the toilet…

14. You feel entitled to a small yet sweet round of applause.

15. Time to treat yourself to long nap to deal with the trauma.

Via livingmosaic

In your gloriously spider-free room.

Via jenjenacts

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