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17 Ways Braces Completely Ruin Eating

Not only do you look weird, but you also can't eat anything. UGH.

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1. It's SUPER painful to eat with braces.

2. You always have to take teeny-tiny bites of your food.

3. Or cut everything up into small pieces.

Including your sandwiches.

4. Eating takes FOREVER.

Like, way too long.

5. And when it gets too painful to chew, you end up putting strange things in the blender for nutrients.

6. People are all like, just eat soft foods and liquids.

7. But you wish you could just eat your favorite foods instead.

8. Too bad you're paranoid about eating everything.

Including these chewy caramel apples.

These hot, delicious bagels.

This grilled sweet corn.

This delicious, buttery popcorn

And this giant, mouthwatering steak.

9. Holidays are the worst when you have braces. No Valentine's Day sweets for you.

You're definitely not eating lip-smacking BBQ on the Fourth of July.

And no delicious turkey for Thanksgiving.

10. It sucks when you eat something you know you're not supposed to and you break your braces.

And your food starts to taste like blood.

11. And then you have to tell your dentist what happened.

12. Everything tastes slightly of metal.

13. And sometimes you eat dental wax. EW.

14. It's so annoying that you have to take your rubber bands out before every meal.

15. And you always have things stuck in your teeth.

16. You have to use this weird toothbrush after you eat.

17. And your clear bands are always stained with whatever you eat or drink.

Braces are the WORST.

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