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The Ultimate Ranking Of Easter Candy

Limited Edition, unlimited joy.

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The only thing that makes this different from a regular Kit Kat is the pastel wrapping. Weak.

Candy corn should only be eaten on Halloween. Don't dress it up in pretty pastels and suggest otherwise.


The speckled eggs are cute, but the texture is chalk city.

Butterfinger is good, don't get me wrong, but candy eggs is a competitive category. These just aren't the best.


Why don't these exist all year? Way cooler than lame cylindrical 'mallows.

Cute AND tart.


Cadbury creme eggs are an essential Easter item, but they're too cloyingly sweet to be the best of the best.

Chocolate covered marshmallows > regular marshmallows.


Chocolate + peanut butter = delicious magic.

Everything is cuter when it's inside a plastic egg.


The perfect crunch-to-smooth ratio in this egg.

They may be plain, but the chocolate quality here gives these an edge over some flashier egg varieties.


Crunch is underrated and deserves more attention.

Peeps are deliciously creepy.


If you don't eat these on Easter, you're not doing it right.

The ultimate Easter candy, the uniter of everything that is right in this world. Hollow is better than solid.

Starburst jelly beans are Easter. Easter is Starburst jelly beans.