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19 Reasons Ice Cream Floats Are The Perfect Summer Treat

Come with me, take my hand, to a place where summer never ends. Where fluffy vanilla clouds of ice cream are surrounded by pools of sweet soda. And all is right in the world.

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1. Ice cream floats don't care that it's hot. They are tall, brave, and fearless in the face of high temperatures.

Vodka root beer floats with coconut ice cream.

2. Ice cream floats are the easiest dessert to make ever. (Soda + Ice cream = The Best)

Dark chocolate bourbon cherry soda floats.

3. Ice cream floats demonstrate one of the universe's most delicious chemical reactions: CREAMY SODA FOAM.

Root beer floats with homemade hot fudge.

4. Ice cream floats aren't afraid to diversify. They will not be defined by color.

Blueberry maple ice cream float.

5. Ice cream floats know how to party: They like to mix it up with a little alcohol from time to time.

Pimm’s orange soda floats.

6. Ice cream floats are an excuse to use cute straws you bought on Etsy.

Gingerbread ice cream floats.

7. Ice cream floats take well to mason jars and other aesthetically pleasing glassware.

Chocolate covered raspberry winter ale floats.

8. If you're lucky, the ice cream breaks through the soda curtain and presses against the glass to say hello.

Orange soda ice cream float.

9. Ice cream is a food group and you need to consume it all the time in order to live.

Coffee ice cream root beer float.

10. Ice cream floats are strong enough to support the weight of both berries and of emotional trauma.

Raspberry orange sherbet float.

11. Also, again: foam.

Raspberry ginger ice cream float.

12. There's basically no way to add too much ice cream to an ice cream float.

Chocolate porter and biscoff coffee beer float.

14. Even when the ice cream gets super melty, it is still so good.

Bourbon vanilla root beer float.

15. Ice cream floats can help you determine if someone is an android because you can ask them if they like ice cream and if they say no, you know they don't have a soul.

Fresh mint and watermelon ice cream floats.

16. And the best kind of friendships are those made over drinking ice cream floats.

Watermelon soda float.

17. If you don't like going swimming in the summer, you can dump an ice cream float on your head to cool down.

Recipe Patriotic ice cream float with Mountain Dew.

18. The only thing better than an ice cream float...

Chocolate mint beer float.

19. Is a tray of many ice cream floats.

Root beer float shooters.

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