22 People Who Found Jesus In Their Food

    He may have been crucified 2,013 years ago today (ish), but when you scarf potato chips, he's watching.

    1. Potato Chip

    Rosalie Lawson found the image of Christ in a sour cream and onion potato chip.

    2. Cheeto

    Dan and Sarah Bell found Jesus in a bag of Cheetos.

    3. Fish Stick

    Fred Whan found Christ in a fish stick.

    4. Breakfast Taco

    80-year-old Ernesto Garza found Jesus while eating a breakfast taco.

    5. Pancake

    Marilyn Smith found Jesus and Mary in a pancake.

    6. Banana Peel

    Lisa Swinton found Christ in her afternoon snack.

    7. Orange

    Paul Kulniszewsk found Jesus after slicing open an orange.

    8. Naan Bread

    David Howlett found Christ while dining at an Indian restaurant with his wife.

    9. Pierogi

    Donna Lee found Jesus in a pierogi and sold it on eBay for $1775.00.

    10. Pizza

    A three cheese pizza resembled the face of Christ at Posh Pizza's in Brisbane, Australia.

    11. Banana Chip

    Macayla Graham found Jesus in a banana chip.

    12. Pretzel

    Crysta Naylor found the Virgin Mary holding Jesus in a honey mustard pretzel.

    13. Pita Bread

    A New Zealander found Christ in toasted pita bread.

    14. Grilled Cheese

    Linda Lowe found Christ in a grilled cheese sandwich her boyfriend made her.

    15. Cheeto

    Kelly Ramey found Jesus in a Cheeto.

    16. Marmite

    Claire Allen found the face of Jesus on the lid of a marmite jar as she was putting the spread on her son's toast.

    17. Ice Cream

    Scott Toxsic found the head of Christ in a bucket of ice cream at Hatch Family Chocolates in Utah.

    18. Funyuns

    Jim Mize found Jesus and the Virgin Mary in a Funyun and sold it on eBay for $609.

    19. Potato Chip

    Carol Isaak found Jesus on the cross in a potato chip.

    20. Apple

    Jennifer found the image of Jesus on an apple that was about to be turned into applesauce.

    21. Potatoes

    Pastor Renee Brewster found Christ on the cross while making potato salad.

    22. Seitan

    The image of the Christ was found in a piece of Seitan.

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