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    27 Incredible Food Tattoos

    An Instagram of your dinner is nice, but tattoos show that you mean it forever.

    1. What Would Julia Child Do?

    2. Meat, cheese, and bread knuckle tatts.

    3. Hot dog tattoo.

    4. Romantic avocado tattoos.

    5. Stand mixer tattoo.

    6. Ingredients for hummus tattoo.

    7. Truffle slicer chasing after its prey.

    8. Bill Cosby jello pudding pop tattoo.

    9. Breakfast on the brain tattoo.

    10. Veggie tattoo.

    11. Chicken wings tattoo.

    12. A bunch of asparagus tattoo.

    13. Friendly milk n' cookies tattoo.

    14. Vegan or bust tattoo.

    15. Pig tattoo.

    16. Cute carrots tattoo.

    17. Animal diagram tattoo.

    18. Artichoke tattoo.

    19. French fries tattoo.

    20. Kosher tattoo.

    21. Pop Tart tattoo.

    22. Mini steak knuckle tattoo.

    23. Black and white corn tattoo.

    24. Pizza tattoo.

    25. Peanut butter and jelly with chocolate milk tattoo.

    26. Sushi tattoo.

    27. Mac 'n' cheese tattoo.