40 Ways To Make An Amazing Ice Cream Sundae

    Because something magical happens when ice cream and sauce and fruit and crunchy stuff come together.

    1. Turn an orange peel into an ice cream bowl.

    2. Make chocolate cups for your sundae.

    3. Make a chocolate chip bowl with a muffin tin.

    4. Use an apple to make an edible sundae bowl.

    5. Use rice krispies to make a cup.

    6. Make a delicious brownie bowl.

    7. Rhubarb and Strawberry Ripple Frozen Yogurt

    8. Peach Ice Cream

    9. Caramel Hazelnut Gelato

    10. Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

    11. Banana Gelato

    12. Toasted Marshmallow Coconut Milk Ice Cream

    13. Tangerine Thyme Syrup

    14. Chocolate Nutella Sauce

    15. Olive Oil

    16. Honey

    17. Ginger Syrup

    18. Spiced Apple Cider Caramel Sauce

    19. Brandied Cherries

    20. Grilled Brown Sugar and Balsamic Strawberries

    21. Homemade Banana Chips.

    22. Roasted Concord Grapes

    23. Grilled Pineapple

    24. Doughnut Chips

    25. Maple Candied Bacon

    26. Caramel Popcorn

    27. Honey Roasted Pistachios

    28. Thin Mint Cookies

    29. Olive Oil Granola.

    If you don't trust yourself to find the right combination of all of those crazy options, we can't blame you. Here are some ideas.

    30. Warm Caramel with Nectarine and Granola Sundae

    31. Roast Cherry and Dark Chocolate Brownie Sundae

    32. Cajeta Ice Cream Sundae with Agave Maple Bacon Syrup and Banana Chips

    33. Bacon Sundae with Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

    34. Blueberry Corn Ice Cream Sundae

    35. Ice Cream Sundae with Caramel Bourbon Sauce

    36. Lemon Curd Pistachio Sundae

    37. Grilled Watermelon Sundae with Honey and Lime Syrup

    38. Apple Pie Sundae with Cheddar Crust Bites

    39. Vegan Raspberry Vodka Ice Cream Sundae

    40. Popcorn Crunch Sundae