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    12 Easy Ways To Cook Eggs In A Microwave

    You can poach 'em, you can scramble 'em, you can even make an omelet.

    Look, no one should really cook eggs in a microwave if there's a stove nearby. Because they're just not going to taste as good. (And cooking eggs using traditional methods, repeatedly, will make you a better, cleaner, and faster cook.) But microwave eggs happen. Maybe because you live in a dorm room, or maybe you want to poach an egg in your office's kitchen and add it the leftovers you brought for lunch. There are ways. Know that all microwaves are different and it is important to be patient while testing to see what works best. Also — eggs cook fast, especially in a microwave, so keep an eye on them while they cook.

    1. Two-Minute Microwave Scrambled Eggs With Cheese

    2. Microwave-Poached Egg on Toast

    3. Eggs Florentine

    4. One-Minute Coffee-Cup Quiche

    5. Microwave Egg White and Spinach Breakfast Sandwich

    6. Breakfast Tostada

    7. Omelette With Sausage, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, and Cheese

    8. "Baked" Eggs With Turkey, Cheese, and Spinach

    9. Green Onion and Egg Sandwich

    10. Scrambled Egg Whites with Cheese, Broccoli, and Ham

    11. Vegetable Frittata

    12. Breakfast Burrito

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