14 Creative Ways To Use Packaged And Canned Food

If you're sick of eating mac and cheese from a box straight up, read this.

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The addition of ramen makes this dish extra crispy. You can find the recipe here.

All you need is your favorite ice cream and frozen waffles for this one. Refreeze or serve immediately.

Bake the frozen pizza according to the directions on the box. Cut pizza in half and then cut each half into one inch thick strips. Roll pizza up, put on stick and enjoy.

Cut your pre-made cinnamon rolls into half inch circles and press into baking pan. There should be no space between each roll. For a sweet potato pie recipe with this pie crust go here.

In the TV show Community ("Curriculum Unavailable" episode), this dish is described as "Bagel Bites in a deconstructed Hot Pocket reduction with a Doritos glaze." Find the recipe here.

Have your cake and eat soup too. Find the recipe here.

It's essential that you use hot cheetos instead of regular ones. Find the recipe here.

Peanut butter and noodles are the best. Find the recipe for ramen pad thai here.

Make "The Jive Turkey" cocktail with this recipe here.