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5 Cookies That Could Change The World

These wonderful bakeries donate some of their profits to charities. All you need to do to help is eat cookies.

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1. Cookies For Kids' Cancer

photo provided by Cookies for Kid's Cancer

Cookies For Kids' Cancer is a non-profit that helps fund effective therapies for pediatric cancer through its online bake sales. Its slogan is: "Let's make the letter C mean cookies." The "Liam's Lemons" above are named after the young boy whose battle with cancer inspired his mom and dad to start this non-profit. Get a dozen for $29.99.

2. The Baked Equation

photo provided from The Baked Equation

The Baked Equation's goals are two-fold — first, to grow the sustainable farming community in Southern Sudan, and second, to train local pastors there, providing long-term employment to Sudanese men and women. The cookies (and mini cakes! and brownies!) are made from local, mostly organic ingredients. Get the brown sugar cookies with butterscotch drizzle pictured above for $1.25 each, or $13 for a dozen.

3. Baking For Good

photo provided by Baking For Good

Order a dozen cookies from Baking For Good and the company donates 15% of the profit to the charity of your choice from this list. As for the cookies, you can also customize them with your own photos (12 for $36), or choose from their full cookie assortment here.

4. Broadway Baker

photo provided by Broadway Baker

Broadway Baker makes beautiful homemade cookies, brownies, granola, and mini loafs. The bakery donates a portion of its sales to three charities: The Alzheimer's Association NYC Chapter, The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and Broadway Cares/ Equity Fights AIDS. Recently the bakery also partnered with New York Cares on Hurricane Sandy relief. Get a dozen of these flourless dark chocolate fudge sandwiches for $36.

5. The Cookie Cart

photo provided by Cookie Cart

The Cookie Cart helps young adults in northeast Minneapolis find and keep jobs. The bakery program offers valuable employment training including teamwork skills, customer service training, and problem solving techniques. The cookie, (in flavors like Coconut Tofee and M&M, are $8 for a dozen.

photo provided by Cookie Cart

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