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    Everyone Has A Sex Toy That Matches Their Birth Card In Tarot, So We Broke It Down For You

    Did you know your birth card in tarot has a corresponding sex toy? Let's find out which belongs to you.

    Hello, my name is Aria, and I am a sex educator. When I first became a sex educator five years ago, I thought I'd just stumbled upon a unique part-time job selling sex toys and teaching blowjob workshops. In fact, I'd opened a portal to a sensual and spiritual awakening that shifted the course of my life. The further I wandered beyond that threshold, the more I came to realize how intimately those two worlds were linked. I noticed that my work as a pleasure advocate kept putting me in the same rooms as astrologers and tarot readers, and their disciplines began to beckon to me.

    An image of the author against an orange backdrop
    Aria Vega

    Before long, I'd found the common thread: These practices all helped me to tune in to my body's subtlest signals so I could decipher my intuition and other emotional messages. I found tarot cards to be especially articulate messengers, and I latched on to their ancient lore. As I learned the meanings of birth cards, which are the cards in the tarot said to map your life's mission and indicate fixed points of your identity, it felt natural to connect them to my equally personalized sex toy chest. The more intently I studied tarot, the more connections I was able to make.

    Now back to the cards for a minute. Even if you don't read tarot yourself, you can still derive meaning from their imagery and symbolism, and draw connections to different parts of your experience. The Major Arcana, the subset of cards that birth cards are derived from, is the life journey of the Fool, the first card and central character. This journey involves many lessons and teachers, and of those, a chosen few have particular influence over your own life path.

    Those are your birth cards, which you can calculate in the following ways: There's a quick birth card calculator here, or you can use the following formula: First, add up your birth day + month + year (separated into two double numbers), and then add together the two digits from the number you get.

    For example, using Oct. 25, 1993, as a birth date, 10 + 25 + 19 + 93 = 147, and 14 + 7 = 21. The sum corresponds with the numbers of the Major Arcana, so 21 represents the World card. If you ever get a sum of 22, your first birth card is the Fool. Next, reduce this number to get your second birth card: 2 + 1 = 3, so the Empress would be your second birth card. Once you've got your two (or three) cards, check this list! You'll learn a bit about their meaning, plus the sex toy I've imagined as matching them.

    1. Wheel of Fortune and Magician

    Photo of purple We-Vibe Sync with two tarot cards (the Magician and Wheel of Fortune), plus a small, square-shaped shell
    Aria Vega

    I love the optimistic energy of this birth card pairing. If it's yours, you have an incredible capacity to forge any life path you can dream of. Some might say you have a lucky streak, but really, it's that you're adaptable enough to turn any outcome into something useful or desirable. Kind of like the We-Vibe Sync: It's a wearable dual-stimulation vibrator designed to be worn during penis-in-vagina sex. This model has clever hinges that let you change the shape of the vibrator to best fit your bodies, and an app that lets you design your own vibration patterns. A choose-your-own-adventure vibe if I've ever seen one!

    2. Justice and the High Priestess

    Photo of Sliquid Silk with two tarot cards (The High Priestess and Justice) plus a geode and small, square-shaped shell
    Aria Vega

    If you're ruled by Justice and the High Priestess, I envy your clarity in decision-making. You are a truth seeker, and you deal in logic to support your search. Even so, trusting your intuition is a must, so be sure not to get bogged down by black-and-white thinking. The gray area is where the magic happens, which is why Sliquid Silk could be the perfect go-to lube for you. It's a hybrid, both water-based and silicone. It's safe to use on sex toys of all materials and, being hypoallergenic, basically all bodies, too. If only more choices were so straightforward.

    3. The Empress and the Hanged Man

    Photo of Iroha Tori with two tarot cards (the Empress and the Hanged Man), plus two small crystals
    Aria Vega

    There is a stillness and grace that's often needed to access the wisdom within, as the Hanged Man and the Empress tell us together. This pairing reminds me of a little birdie in a tree β€” a nurturing, contemplative creature with an aerial viewpoint, intimately acquainted with each part of the Earth. Iroha's Tori, an external vibrator shaped like an origami bird, makes for an easy match. Tori's soft, rumbly vibes and deeply plush silicone offer standout sensual delights, with a nod to centuries of creative expression. Such a symbol of pensiveness and pleasure perfectly encapsulates your spirit.

    4. The Emperor and Death

    Photo of black and blue Shilo dildo with two tarot cards (the Emperor and Death), plus two geodes and a selenite tower
    Aria Vega

    The only constant in life is change, and when we embrace that fact of life, it unfolds with more ease. Not only do you welcome sweeping change, but you often find that you're its catalyzing agent. You have a powerful ability to clear through dead space to rebuild with authority, as bestowed by the Emperor and Death. Don't think of the Death card so literally, by the way; it's merely a symbol of the transformations that bring renewal. Kind of like the Shilo dildo that put New York Toy Collective on the toy-making map. There's nothing quite like it, with its dual-density silicone that can hold a curve and helps it double as a packer. NYTC may seem like an industry underdog next to its larger competitors, but much like you, it's determined to make waves.

    5. Temperance and the Hierophant

    Photo of the We-Vibe Nova with two tarot cards (Temperance and the Hierophant), plus a crystal pendulum
    Aria Vega

    This pairing is all about balance between mind and heart, structure and freedom. You contain these multitudes within yourself, and you bring them to your relationships, too. With your wisdom and reverence for tradition, you fit easily into the role of a mentor or leader, while maintaining the ability to stay flexible and account for new information. Your birth cards bring to mind the We-Vibe Nova, an innovative twist on the classic rabbit vibrator. So many dual-stimulation vibes still have the dated look and feel like something from Sex and the City, complete with flimsy bunny ears and a gyrating shaft. But the Nova's clever design features a more sleek and ergonomic shape, plus a flexible external arm that moves as you thrust. It keeps everything essential and updates the rest. A life philosophy you can relate to.

    6. The Devil and the Lovers

    Photo of the Womanizer with two tarot cards (the Devil and the Lovers), plus a small crystal
    Aria Vega

    I've got one word for this set of cards: "intensity." When you meet people with these birth cards, you tend to know it. If they're yours, I'll bet you're deeply passionate and sensual, and often form strong attachments. It may make you a bit more prone to chaotic relationships, but only because you love love and exchange it very freely. When you follow their intuition, build up your energy, and aim it with precision, the results can be absolutely explosive. The Womanizer Duo works much the same way: it's a suction vibe that forms a seal around the clitoris for maximum engagement of that magic little organ. It's a powerful and focused sensation, and when you get that latch just right, hang on tight! An explosion will indeed ensue.

    7. The Tower and the Chariot

    Photo of the Magic Wand Rechargeable with two tarot cards (the Tower and the Chariot), plus a small crystal
    Aria Vega

    When I look at this set of cards, I can almost hear the collapsing concrete and the racing hoofbeats. Your path is likely defined by groundbreaking change and your sheer determination to ride out the ripple effects. You are fearless, and not one to mess with when your sights are set. What toy but the legendary Magic Wand could do these cards justice? This is a trailblazer of a vibrator, dominating sex toy sales for decades, and its rechargeable version has easily kept up the momentum. With explosive orgasms to offer, it's not hard to see why.

    8. Strength and the Star

     Photo of a Crystal Delights anal plug with two tarot cards (the Star and Strength), plus a geode and a small crystal
    Aria Vega

    What a gorgeous pairing. Together, the Star and Strength cards speak to a soul that's a brilliant source of light for those around them, with a sense of optimism that attracts good luck and goodwill. If these are your birth cards, your focus is tuned to seeking inner wisdom and strength over chasing external goals, and you're more at peace because of it. Maintain this faith and you'll never lose your way, no matter how dark the night becomes. Intuition is like the glimmering gem of a Crystal Delights anal plug, if you will: a symbol of hope protruding from a dark abyss. What could offer more clarity than crystal and glass?

    9. The Hermit and the Moon

    Photo of the Liberator Loveblind with two tarot cards (the Moon and the Hermit), plus a yoni egg and a small crystal
    Aria Vega

    You're often observing the world from afar or finding solace in shadows. Your inner world is alluring, as you love to engage with what's hidden. You know that the subconscious mind holds the deepest truths, and you don't fear diving deep. If you think some sensory deprivation might aid this immersion, Liberator's Loveblind is the best boudoir blindfold out there. It's sturdy yet elegant, with a fresh feature: a cushion across the bridge of the nose and cheekbones, to eliminate excess light and keep the fabric off your face. Don't be shy! There's much to discover in the dark.

    10. The Magician, the Sun, and Wheel of Fortune

    Photo of a rope in a heart shape with three tarot cards (the Magician, the Sun, and Wheel of Fortune), plus a small crystal
    Aria Vega

    Hello, master manifester! Highly resourceful, you possess an incredible ability to shape the world around you and adapt to its constant changes. In that way, you yourself are a shape-shifter. You also know how to receive life's blessings without becoming too attached to them, and this brings you deep contentment. You know that something like bondage rope can be used for pain or pleasure, or some delightful combination of the two. Or it can be a simple tool that serves some practical purpose. It's all in the eye of the beholder, and that eye is all-seeing.

    11. Judgement and the High Priestess

    Photo of crystal dildo with two tarot cards (Judgement and the High Priestess), plus a tiny crystal
    Aria Vega

    You're that spiritually attuned soul who exists somewhere between the earthly and metaphysical realms; you may even feel like you're stuck in the Veil sometimes. Folks with these birth cards are often eager to break through perceived limitations but may struggle with how to make that happen. The answer: Trust your unconscious mind. If you need some sort of earthside guide, the Laid D.1 can be that for you. Forged from Black Norwegian Moonstone that's several THOUSAND years old, this rock is an ideal embodiment of Judgment and the High Priestess β€” it's said to awaken psychic abilities and help us understand our true human nature. What could be a better grounding tool than one that's emerged from the ground?

    12. The Empress and the World

    Photo of crystal yoni egg with two tarot cards (Judgement and the High Priestess), plus a selenite tower and a small, square-shaped shell
    Aria Vega

    You're the one people want around them when they're seeking a soft, maternal energy. You have a nurturing sensibility that's guided purely by love, and abundance flows freely from you. You feel most at home when you're creating and unifying, and are willing to give your endeavors all the time they need in order to fully blossom. Like an egg that brings forth life, you know you can't rush a good thing. But solid eggs can make magic too. If you have a vagina, you can use a yoni egg made from certain gemstones, like this rose quartz one from Chakrubs, for meditation, manifestation, and increased pelvic floor strength.

    Have I convinced you to try tarot? Or a new type of sex toy? Let me know in the comments what's calling to you!